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20 Food “On a Stick” Recipes

10 Food "On a Stick" Recipes, cute bite sized foods on a stick! -

I love bite sized foods and putting them on a stick just makes them that much more cute! I feel like I’ve seen almost every kind of food on a stick now. Pancakes, burgers to s’mores!

I hope you enjoy this collection of foods on a stick! Don’t get too hungry. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    Elizabeth says:
    February 3, 2015

    What a fun idea! I wonder if I would eat more if it was on a stick! I love the pizza on a stick. We went to a pizza restaurant that had their breadsticks on a stick and they were my favorite thing! Love it. Thanks for linking at Snickerdoodle. Your posts always make me hungry! Pinned.

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