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12 Ideas for Master Bedroom Decor

12 Ideas for Master Bedroom Decor, get inspired with these beautiful master bedroom decor ideas!

12 Ideas for Master Bedroom Decor, get inspired with these beautiful master bedroom decor ideas! -

Sooooo we moved this week, surprise! If you have been following me on Pinterest, I have been pinning tons of home decor ideas! I am now officially obsessed with decorating our new home! Here are some master bedrooms I have been drooling over, I hope you like them too! Remember, please pin from the original source when possible.

Cream Wing Tufted Bed

from Plum Furniture


from Vavoom Emporium

Simple Window Treatments

from Better Homes & Gardens


from Better Homes and Gardens

bedroom interior design

from Collected Interiors

from Dear Lillie


from Home Bunch

Neutral bedroom with Useful Gray wall color from Benjamin Moore

from How to Decorate

The following images I could find no source for, if you know the source please email or contact me and I will update this post immediately!



What do you think? I’m in love. I love neutrals and greys if you haven’t noticed!

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2 Wonderful Comments

  1. avatar
    November 14, 2014

    The last bedroom photo is definitely my favorite! It looks so comfy, welcoming, and yet sophisticated. Now I just need to win the lottery! 😉

  2. avatar
    Marilyn says:
    May 23, 2016

    I need a house now with about 20 master bedrooms…one for my every whim. I loved the one that looks like you are in the treetops and the one looking out over the water so that tells me a view is important. My current master looks out on a tall fence about ten feet away so I am currently digging and planting a 60 flower bed alongside that fence. Maybe, one day, I will actually have a beautiful view out there.

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