Current Obsessions {Winter 2014}

Hi there! As I mentioned in my last current obsessions, I will be doing these posts for every season! So basically what I have here for you (if you even care *eye roll*) are items, trends, food or a mixture of everything that I have been obsessed with this season! Mostly listed for this winter are beauty items, go figure! I hope you like these and if you don’t, tell me! I want to only post things that interest you, so I’m always open to suggestions!

Current Obsessions {Winter 2014}

Lots of great beauty products listed and other things to be obsessed with!

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Dry Shampoo

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O.M.Geeee! If you haven’t tried this yet, DO IT! Run out to your drug store now, seriously. This stuff is amazing. I have tried a few other brands but this is by far my favorite kind. I only have to shampoo once a week now, ( I KNOW! Shocker, don’t be grossed out…. kay?) and I love that my style last for a whole week. AMAZING.

Black Clothing


Yesss, I have been wearing black a lot lately, like you see here in my last outfit post. Now, I have to admit it might be because I have put on a few pounds and I’m trying to hide the dreaded pooch, but I don’t know. I just really love it right now, aight?!

Light Brown Highlights

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Ugh, gorgeous. I love her hair so much. I’m really into a full on ombre look, on some people it looks amazing but others seems to me a bit harsh. Here is the perfect light brown highlight for her darker brown color. I’m pretty sure this is balayage but I’m not positive! I just love it….. why not meeee?



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WOW! This stuff is a miracle worker. Again, I have tried a couple different primers but I really likey this one the most. I feel like it really gets into the pores and gives and instant airbrushed look. Plus it smells really nice and leaves your skin feeling soft, win win win!

Flat Iron Curls


Yay, I finally figured out how to do these correctly after watching this video. I thought I had it down right but my curl kept falling out throughout the day. After watching this video and trying it out my curls last all WEEK, remember… dry shampoo is your friend!

Gel Manicures

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I know, this is kind of an odd one. I just never really was one to get manicures a lot. I’m probably way behind on this trend but this has made going to the nail salon and getting them done worth it. I get them done and 3 weeks to a month later the color is still there, although they do grow out obviously and I should get them done sooner but… I love it!

Vaseline Lotion

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I think this is pretty common, in the winter months I tend to get super dry, especially my hands. I am in the kitchen allll the time and I’m kind of a germaphobe in there (thank you restaurants!) and I’m constantly washing my hands. So, every night before bed I do my nightly “slathering” LOL, this lotion is the best! When you first put it on it is super thick and creamy and doesn’t absorb right away. So, you really don’t need much, but I tell ya it leaves my skin sooo super soft and has a really nice light scent. I slather my hands, focusing on my cuticles, my forearms and elbows.


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I’ve been slathering my lips too every night with the just normal medicated Blistex. If my lips are at all chappy or cracked this takes care of it! I really put a lot on though so they keep nice and moisturized all night long!

So, that is what I have been obsessing over this winter! How about you, are one of you favorite on my list? Or what if you must for the winter seasons??

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