Book Review: Open Window: Shadows of Doubt by Courtney Harvey

Hi there! I’m back with another book review from author Courtney Harvey. This is a follow up post to my first review by this author, Open Window: Truth from the Shadows.  Today’s review is the second book in the Open Window series from Harvey, Open Window: Shadows of Doubt. If you haven’t read the first book or my first review please do so first! I promise I will try not to give anything away from the first book in case you haven’t read it yet!

shadows of doubt

Here we are again, back in the familiar bedroom of Alex Wells. On the verge of a full blow panic attack, Alex has to sit and wait until it is time to face reality. Camila, Alex’s younger sister and best friend appears to show her support and let her know everything will be alright. Camila is a constant rock for Alex and her ever present closeness will be ripped away from her.

That’s right, Alex is going off to college.

Even though she is will have her new boyfriend Erik by her side she is still nervous about what to expect from so many new faces. Will she have to hide her ability again, just when she came to terms with it? Luckily for her, Alex’s new roommate Tuesday is a huge sigh of relief. Tuesday is super bubbly and makes Alex feel welcome.

Erik hates to see Alex have to hide her gift and urges her to tell her roommate and new friends she has made in the dorm. Finally Alex has had enough and is ready to head home even before her first day of classes. So many new people around her brings tons of spirit activity and they are literally lined up to get Alex’s attention.

Finally her secret is known and what had once made her the freak of school has now put her in the spotlight. A place she is not familiar with and gets both positive and negative opinions from others.

An all too familiar evil energy has found his way back into Alex’s subconscious…. or is it “someone” else? She tells herself it is an new entity, only appearing around a certain friend of Eriks.

Suddenly her life takes a turn for the worst. She finally learns how to control the spirit voices in her head but losses what she loves the most.

Ready to finally take control of her life, Alex is visited by the one energy that make her face her gift. He has a message that puts all the puzzle pieces back into place.

This was a great follow up to the first book and I am really looking forward to the third. I hope you guys liked this review, I tried to not give too much away!!

You can find the author Courtney Harvey on facebook. To learn more about these books visit her amazon page.

Thanks so much for reading!


**This is a sponsored post on behalf of the author and I was also given the book in exchange for this review. All opinions are 110% my own and I truly loved this book!**

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