How To: Meat Sauce

Hi guys! Now, I know. I’ve already shown you once how to make my spaghetti sauce. This is just a touch different to that recipe with a few tweaks and a much faster version. This is how I make meat sauce, you can use this over pasta for a quick dinner or, how I use it, for lasagna or spaghetti casserole as well.


Meat Sauce

First, you need to mix the meat for the sauce.

Meat Mix

I use the exact same recipe as for my Meatballs except I don’t form them into balls and cook in the oven. Just make the same recipe up to the shaping point. Then, place the mixture into a  heated frying pan over medium temperature.

Meatball Mix

Don’t move the meat around too much in the pan at first, let it sit and get a nice sear on it. Then, break it up like regular ground beef.

Meat Mix

While the meat is cooking gather the remaining ingredients for the sauce.

Sauce Ingredients

2 ea           Can tomato sauce, 15 oz

1 Tbls        Oregano, dried

1/4 Cup     Parmesan cheese

1 ea           Can tomato paste, smallest

2 tsp          Garlic powder

2 tsp          Onion powder

1 ea           Head roasted garlic

1/4 Cup     Dry red wine

salt and pepper to taste


Don’t drain off any of the fat from the meat, add the tomato paste and wine to the pan and let fry in the meat’s fat. Cook for 3 minutes.


Take roasted garlic and smash with fork.

Roasted Garlic

Add the garlic and remaining ingredients to the pan and stir well to mix evenly. Let cook for at least 30 minutes before using. But, if you want it can cook as long as you’d like! Now, serve over pasta or add to your favorite casserole! It’s that easy!

Dakota loves to watch his mama cook! I hope you enjoy this recipe, thanks for reading!




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