The Pintester.

‘Ello there ladies n gents. Today I bring to you The Pintester. To sum it up her motto is: “F*cking up Pinterest pins so you don’t have to”. You’re Welcome.
This is by far the funniest blog I have ever read. It was created by Sonja Foust and she does exactly what she says she does, F’s stuff up. But sometimes she actually finds out some of these pins we drool over on Pinterest are actually drool worthy. I highly recommend checking this silly lady out! The first time I started reading her blog I was literally having a giggle fit on the couch with the hubs freaking out a bit thinking I had in fact finally gone mad. She is most definitely an inspiration to all of us half-ass-ter-sons out there. A few of my favorite posts of hers are as follows:

See Pintester’s Post HERE

For this post she tries to recreate the oh so delectible looking Thumbprint cookies. Just looking at the picture she did here makes me literally LOL. She assumes they didn’t come out quite right since she states she was drunk while making them and “You guys, sometimes I get drunk and need cookies. It happens, ok?” Hilarious.

Popsicle Bracelet FAIL

Next here is the Popsicle Bracelet Fail. Apparently this popsicle bracelet was one of the most pinned pins on Pinterest (wow that’s a lot of P’s) and decided she needed to give it a go. It’s freakin’ fantastic… I think I actually peed a little when I saw this pic:

     And lastly:
Italian Crockpot Chicken
     I think we all love our crockpots. But not always does it come out as pretty as we expect as we see here. She loving exclaims “It wasn’t exactly terrible, but it wasn’t good. The dressing sort of separated into yuck and oil, and it was a little overwhelmingly… well, just kind of assy.” Check this lady out. NOW. Her website is , Twitter and of course Facebook .
     Hope you have fun drooling over your new favorite pin, and of course before you try it make sure Sonja didn’t F it up first!

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