Melon Mango Verrine {contributor Wanda Ann}

Hi, it’s Wanda Ann from Memories by the Mile. So happy to be here, thank you Dana for having me. Happy FALL everyone! How was your Labor Day Weekend? I hope you had an enjoyable time and if you had to labor, I hope it was something you really wanted to get done! For me, we decided to go play, last minute and had a fantastic time! I know for a lot of people, fall is their favorite season. So today I’m sharing a delicious dessert of fun fall colors, Melon Mango Verrine.

Melon Mango Verrine

Melon Mango Verrine, a layered creamy dessert made with honeydew and mangoes!

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Almond Cupcakes with Fresh Raspberry Buttercream Frosting

Okay guys, I promise today is the last summer-ish recipe, almond cupcakes with fresh raspberry buttercream! Hello, yum!  These almond cupcakes have that coiling sweetness like other desserts, with the addition of fresh raspberries in the buttercream frosting, you get that little bit of tartness that cuts through all that sugar! So now you can eat three cupcakes instead of one! Wait, is that just me? Oh well…. enjoy!

Almond Cupcakes with Fresh Raspberry Buttercream

Almond Cupcakes with Fresh Raspberry Buttercream Frosting, a simple, beautiful yummy dessert!

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15 Easy Dump Cake Recipes for Fall

Confession: I have never, ever made a dump cake! They look so easy and yummy and gooey and all things I love but nope, never did it. I vow to you right here, right now that this will change very soon! Compiling this list of 15 easy dump cake recipes for fall has fueled my fire and I WILL make a dump cake this fall! YAY… but now which one to choose, oh boy.

15 Easy Dump Cake Recipes for Fall

15 Easy Dump Cake Recipes for Fall, which one to make first?! YUM!

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Mini Master Bedroom Tour + SmartSilk Review

So, I’m opening up a little bit today and showing a mini master bedroom tour! It’s nothing spectacular, we are renting but I wanted to share some updates with you all! I don’t normally do posts like this but I thought it would be fun and something different!

Mini Master Bedroom Tour

Mini Master Bedroom Tour #HomeDecor

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